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    Globex is halted for all products??? What's up?

  2. hmmm ...
  3. Where do you see that they are halted?
  4. Charts indicate no trading since around 1700(5pm EST) on S&P and NASTY 100 eminies......

    It finally happened, the market has flatlined :p
  5. Globex is definately halted. A bulletin from Interactive Brokers indicated so. I went to the Globex site and there was no news on it about the halt. I can only hope that they are scared the market will tank...
  6. I didn't know they could halt the futures market on a whim. Maybe it is election related -- since we all know this game is rigged.
  7. Could be elections related. Good thinking.
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    they don't halt on a whim. they halt when they have technical issues.

    globex says they will re-open at 1 AM eastern time.
  9. Between not being able to short the Q's today and Globex being halted I started to wonder who the hell is trying to hold this market up and why. My conclusion... attack on Iraq must be secretly starting as I am writing this. I am kidding of coarse but something still seems strange about it. :confused:
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    Talk about wild speculation!

    Why would the government suppress trading for the election even if they could? If anything, such a move would cause greater volatility when markets re-open. The greater volatility would result in much greater risk of downside move.
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