Globex destroys its credibility and good will

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by AAAintheBeltway, May 1, 2003.

  1. ZBEAR


    No interruptions on the CBOT DOW eMini's today.

    Just asked my Broker.
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  2. But to be down from 11:40 this morning? This thing should have redundancy like the NORAD defense grid. I want to know why it was down for so long, why there isn't a backup ready to go and if this could happen, what other crucial systems are this vulnerable?
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  3. ZBEAR


    NO WAY.....wuz this an accident.....

    Anyone remember what the dates were the last 3 times this happened?


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  4. First day of month?
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  5. Babak


    Anyone else caught the small ad in Barrons 2 weeks ago from Eurex-Liffe? I'm trying to find it again in my pile but from what I remember it was about an electronic platform that would include indices as well as commodities that are not traded electronically now. I've tried to search for a website but can't find anything. any leads?
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  6. When the NYSE's superdot system went belly up for a whole day, did the specialists continue trading? No, they halted the NYSE, AND S&P contracts. Why doesn't an outage in Globex rate the same level of action in behalf of the Globex traders in other markets / exchanges?
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  7. That's exactly what this action is suggesting. Great point.
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  8. How is NQ up but not ES???

    This is a total scam

    Seems to me like they are hoping for a major short squeeze to gap this mkt up f'n huge tomorrow only to sell tons into the strength as all shorts rush to cover. They will sell all the way down....
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  9. What happens if you were fully margined when Globex went down???

    Your get liquidated immediately on the open???
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  10. It would seem that way, and then the guessing game is whether the liquidation is a buy to cover, considering the bias was clearly to downside when globex had its convenient outage...
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