Globex Delay tonight ....

Discussion in 'Trading' started by SethArb, Jun 23, 2002.

  1. hmmm

    wonder if that means there is serious imbalance either way ?

    what a time to have pproblems ...

    I will check back in 50 - 60 minutes to see if they are quoting

    the futures ...
  2. the only quote I can get now is from the Wellington 40...down about 0.7%...don't know if the whole civilized world is going to key off of that one, though..
  3. Pabst


    The dollar is a few pips higher. Guess is that U.S. index futures will open marginally better.
  4. at 7 pm EST ?

    will see how they do in their 1st 30 minutes while I am waiting

    to see whats going on with Globex ....
  5. the SPX 6/13 low (981.63) is the first number to watch. It would be a good area for a correction IF there is going to be one..
  6. "the SPX 6/13 low (981.63) is the first number to watch."

    how can I watch this overnight with the cash market closed?

  7. ok, sp2u lows of 6/14 (980) but who knows...
    a touch of bad news - or anything - might cause an avalanche

    seems like a delay might make the natives a little restless...

    what do i know? I wouldn't be surprised if we gap lower.

    OK, for a bounce your standard fibs are 993.62, 996.24, 998.91...

  8. 730 pm est



  9. 7:34:54...
  10. naz -1.50....
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