Globex Data Changes - 18_Dec_2005

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  1. Do you know if this change will impact tick and/or volume charts? I hope not! If yes, this is a hugh change.
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    from the above link:


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  3. Well, if I am interpreting this correctly, your tick charts will be screwed up big time. Your Volume bar charts (if using e-Signal) won't be. I use two volume charts for s/r, but my entries are based off a 1597 tick. Oh well... looks like I will have to do some playing around to find a volume chart that closely or nearly matches the 1597 tick.

    This blows!
  4. Does this mean I will have to adjust/divide my tick charts by five to create comparable charts (for example an existing 500T chart will be equal to a 100T chart after this change? :confused:
  5. No, I do not believe it is as simple as that. If I understand the change correctly, 5 orders for 10 lots at the bid, matched against 5 orders for 10 lots each at the ask (in this case 100% matching) will still send 5 messages (of course I could be wrong and it could now send 2 messages). However, one 50 lot order matched against 5 10-lot orders will not generate 5 messages - it looks like it will generate 2 messages in that case, 1 10-lot and 1 40-lot.

    My advice, if you are using tick charts to trade, would be to wait and see.

    Likewise, if you are using any indicators, these will be affected at the changeover. Also, any automated trading systems using tick data would require changes.

    Volume charts should(???) remain unchanged. :confused:

    Once again, best advice is WAIT.