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  1. Thanks for the info. You saved me the phone call.

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    Thanks for the info. Could you provide a little more background on your clearing firm, Computer Clearing Services as I've never heard of them. Do they clear for other brokerages besides yours, and if so, please provide a few names. As they would be handling all my money and clearing all my trades this is very important to me, not just how good/bad their shorting list is.
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    In CCS's defense I am not a part of the operations end of our brokerage, I work more in IT and Tech Support. On their website at go to 'About' and you will find background info on the company and financial statements. I don't have any specific brokerage names they clear for but if you would like I can make some calls for you. I do know they have modeled their clearing for day trading brokerages and have about 40 correspondents other than GlobalTradz, Inc. They provide insurance on each individual account up to $10,000,000.00 which is beyond the minimum insurance required. They are members of all the regulating authorities such as NASD, SIPC, DTC, etc.

    If their site doesn't provide enough information for you email me or call me and I'll get the info you want. Like you said they will be holding your money and it is important to investigate to your satisfaction.

    I don't know if I'll be checking this site everyday, my responsibilities here keep me very busy during the day. If you need additional info feel free to email me
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