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    The New-World Order has momentum now with the downward oppression of the American people. Globalists desire to bring America down and the other nations up so a one-world controlled government scenario is more feasible. 9-11 was the trigger to get this Globalist movement started quicker. Deindustrializing the US was the beginning of this plan to make Americans more equal to the rest of the world. Think about how China has propered because of this. Saudi Arabia has prospered lately because we're paying 5 times more per barrel than we were 7 years ago.

    The world trade center was blown up. Buildings don't collapse from the top down, which is basic physics. Watch this video if you're interested in what really happened on 9-11.

    There are other well educated people that believe this as well. Most of the US has blinders on, and believes what ever their news stations tell them. Keeping your eyes open and being skeptical is all I'm suggesting.
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    I used to think
    that 100 million monkeys
    on 100 million keyboards
    could eventually
    reproduce the entire works of Shakespeare
    but now
    thanks to the internet
    and seeing posts like above
    I know this not to be true

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    what colour is your neck?
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    Anyone who is a member of CFR is a minion of the new world order.

    Did I hear someone say zionists control congress? You would be correct.
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    I'm a Caucasian male born & raised in the US. I am a Dr. educated at two Universities in the US. I was taught to use critical thinking in my education; i.e., not to just memorize what is put in front of me.
  6. What do you think the US Government should do now?
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    Quit spending all our tax dollars on causing problems overseas and build up our infrastructure; e.g., work on our electric grid--add nuclear reactors, work on electric railways, give grants for research in batteries for electric cars--ethanol is a diversion because we can't grow enough crops to supply even 10% of our fuel, encourage auto companies to make electric cars by tax incentives, tax oil companies that give billions to their CEO's instead of reinvesting in themsleves, and give tax incentives to oil companies that invest in windmills and solar power. Educate people on how safe nuclear plants are; for example, more people die per year from coal mining than have ever died from nuclear reactor meltdowns. Make it harder for those on welfare to get free giveouts from our taxes--I'm a little to conservative when it comes to this, so I leave the specifics about what I think should be done about welfare out.
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    I feel stupid now, but I appreciate the posts. My dad was the one who put globalization in my head. I was trying to figure out what conspiracy could be so important to do what was done on 9-11 because it was obvious what was told to us on the news stations was hogwash. This Zionist theory makes much more sense. Thanks for posting this.
  9. Nothing is an isolated event, but just a link in a long chain of events. Check out The Grand Chessboard- Brzezinksi. Notice how 9/11 fits into the scheme of things and its role to current mid-east events. Then recognize that this strategy was laid out way back in the '70s.... about the same time the CIA explored contingencies of terrorists hijacking planes... hmm....