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  1. I have always had my doubts about globalization. There are winners and losers and the winners love globalization, but unfortunately they are simply the top executives, perhaps 5% of the population. The common stock holder is not even benefitting, since the executives have no oversight by the boards, they do whatever the hell they want and spend the profits on Lear Jets and expense accounts.

    the victims will be blamed, not the culprits. lost your job? well then something was wrong with you. Poor ? well then you didn't work hard enough or save enough. What is even worse longer term is that we may revert to socialism as an answer to public outcry and massive unemployment. I don't believe the world is ready for a single global market for every good or service imaginable, there has to be some concern for the american/european worker. Its no mystery to me why the prescriptions for anxiety and depression medications are skyrocketing, the middle class is being sold down the river. Nothing is being done, and if you are an american you can blame BOTH PARTIES, since they have both gone along with the globalist agenda. Clinton was one of the biggest globalists around as is Bush.
  2. I am an evil american as defined by both the extreme right wing and the extreme left wing, primarily because my main concern is the survival of the middle class in the U.S. and Europe, those are MY people. Here is my solution:

    1. Totally end illegal immigration, whatever measures it takes. If it takes massive numbers of border guards, well at least that will offer employment opportunities.

    2. End all H1-b visas. This whole system is being totally abused. it was intended to help with worker shortages, and now there is no worker shortage in any area yet they are being handed out like hot cakes.

    3. Let the dollar drop. The trade deficit has been absolutely massive, despite tremendous productivity in the american workforce. Intervention to support the dollar will only make this situation worse and/or last longer.

    4. Massively increase FBI efforts to discover white collar crime and accounting games played by major corporations.

    5. Increase corporate taxes on those large publically traded companies that have the highest differences in compensation between the average executive and average worker. If the company does well, the workers need to do well also.

    6. Implement a Federal Job Training/Placement/college funding agency aimed squarely at the middle aged/middle class which currently is totally unserved by government.

    7. Implement a higher minimum wage for jobs that explicitly require a Bachelors degee or higher education. Currently we have elementary school teachers and low level white collar workers earning less than Bartenders.