Globalist Campaign Calls for Abolishment of Constitution

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    February 8, 2012

    The global elite will not rest until they have revoked the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence. Over the last few years, they have engaged in a concerted attack on our founding documents and time-honored ideals. On Tuesday, the New York Times continued this trend with an article on the front page of its print edition.

    Entitled ‘We the People’ Lose Appeal With People Around the World, the article by Adam Liptak argues that the Constitution is outdated, inflexible and no longer trendy. It cites an article published in June in The New York University Law Review that explains how America’s Constitution is “losing its appeal as a model for constitutional drafters elsewhere” as statists, bureaucrats and autocrats turn to examples presented by more malleable documents such as the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and those produced by India, South Africa, New Zealand and the United Nations.

    The problem, Liptak notes, is that “rights guaranteed by the American Constitution are parsimonious by international standards, and they are frozen in amber.” In other words, the “problem” with the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence is that the rights enumerated there are not open for interpretation and cannot be changed by government.

    But what really irks the elite is the idea that government only exists by the consent of the governed and “whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends [of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness], it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government,” as the Declaration of Independence states. In other words, it is the right of the people to revolt against government – preferably through peaceful means, but by violent revolution if need be, as Thomas Jefferson argued – when it becomes an oppressive tyranny, as it now is.

    The very idea that the people have the right to abolish government scares the hell out of the ruling elite. The Second Amendment is under persistent attack not because guns are a danger to school children, but because guns and people well trained in their proper use are often required to resist and overthrow government tyranny. Control freaks never surrender power willingly.

    The establishment is now openly assaulting the Constitution and the very idea of innate and god-given individual rights going back to the Magna Carta, the Habeas Corpus Act, the Petition of Right and English common law. The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence encapsulate and enumerate into law liberties that are the birthright of humanity. Government is not required to bestow them as the New York Times would have use believe. We are born with them despite trendiness or the dictates of commissars at the United Nations.

    Obama has continued unabated the concerted attack on the Constitution initiated under his predecessors. Efforts to undermine the Constitution began in earnest with FDR, although earlier presidents – most notably Lincoln – set important precedents.

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    Global Central Banker Agenda 101

    a) tell dumb Americans Constitution is no longer needed - check

    b) bankrupt America financial system - check

    c) entangle America in budget blowing wars - check

    d) pass NDAA laws to rid individual liberty - check

    e) degrade America through growing debt to central banking - check

    f) load Amercia up with impossible entitlements - check
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    g) start using drones over US skies - check

    h) continue to militarize local police - check

    i) expand federal checkpoints and control over movements - check

    j) kill airlines financially and freedom of travel within US - check

    k) keep brainwashing Americans that killing for Israel is good - check
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    Democracy is the problem. One man one vote gives too much power to the workman and threatens the privilege of the black tie and ballgown set.
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    obama will be upset you just mentioned his last campaign dinner.
  8. The Founders never intended a pure one man one vote democracy. They were very aware of the instability of such a system. Property rights are the essence of freedom, and such rights are not secure if 51% can vote themselves the property of the other 49%, ie obama's economic plan.
  9. Democracy doesn't work if you have the wrong people holding the 51% majority. Turns into simple kingdoms and such. Eminent domain was under fire during Bush, as well it should be. Property rights should only be waived in cases of immediate danger IMO. Taking from one citizen to give to another is wrong, I agree.

  10. That was EXACTLY THE INTENTION OF THE FOUNDERS. They knew that if governmement/politicos were allowed to "tinker with and change" the Constitution, we'd end up like a Communist country or a dictatorial regime like Saddam's.... and like the Europe from which our pioneers fled.

    The STRENGTH of the Constitution has always been the principles for which it originally stood... not to be changed, neglected, ignored by greedy politicians to accommodate their personal greed.

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