Globalfutures spaming in my hood

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    does anybody know global allowed to generate clients in germany? they are doing it anyway i guess.

    i appreicate their commison but are they fast enough?
    i need a really fast trade confirmation for my strategy...are they able to do so?

  2. I would also like to know this.....:D
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    :eek: what is ur broker right now?
  4. cough cough G cough C cough Ighjdj cough

    Did you get that?
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    u think there is no answer for my question:D
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    hatshi haahhaaatshi
  7. How come you call it spaming? You must have given them your email before and you could unsubscribe to it upon geting their first newsletter

  8. I did not mean any disrespect horsered:) . I am just very frustrated with my bucket shop firm. I was to hasty when opening the account. Now I am skeptical of every place, and do much research on them….
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    i have also done a lot of research. they are buying email addresses from an illegal name i guess. they did not get my email address .but i received 3 spam on different emailaccounts. so they have to buy them from another financial company.
    mail content : they offer in europe a german desk but they are not allowed to do that. the bafin market authority is not informed what their activities are.
    and they told me to be aware.
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    so i will not work with them and my request is done..
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