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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Oz435, Feb 29, 2008.

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    Thinking about opening an account with them. Any advice or feedback? I filled out the commission questionaire and never received an answer which is not a good sign, but will call them if I get some positive feedback on them here. Thanks
  2. honestly...they are broker is so fast to always respond...they offer $300 daytrade margins...send me a private message with your email and I connect you with him...he will answer any and every question...great guy and tremendous service...
  3. I am also with Global futures. The customer service is A-One. Margins and comissions are the lowest I have ever seen (including IB). Give them a call or use the online chat feature.
  4. Top shelf customer service, very reliable. Platform doesn't crash/lock-up during chaotic market conditions. Can't say that for tradestation.

    The more you trade the lower your commission will be. They are willing to negotiate unlike IB. Strongly recommend.
  5. My experience is that they really go the distance to try to take care of you and what you need done ... very professional firm.
  6. Chop shop for low capitalized accounts. If you need $300 margins than you are in trouble or using very bad Money Managment.

    I had a few friends that were brokers there a few years back and they sued the guy because he left and wanted to go trade.....Cost him like 40 K in legal and took him a year to get back to trading.

    This main sales guy is first class scum bag and is more like a drug dealer selling crack to traders who want to take a $5K account and trade 20 lots and get smoked within a month one adverse move against them.

    Here is practical advise............Save up enough capital and open an accont with $50K and have a fighting chance to grow it from there and than do not go through an IB but go through an FCM and not pay a middle man.......Trade well.
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    Thanks for the feedback. Will call them. What platform do you guys use with them? Is their J-Trader any good?
  8. I use the J-Trader to trade ES futures. It is the fastest platform I have ever used, including TWS. Executions as well as real-time data are fast. no lock-ups; the only time I have had a problem is when the exchange was down. And you receive a message to boot.