global wealth being destroyed on purpose

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    the global money supply was doubled from 2002 to 2007. some may have been printed/created out of thin air by bankers, but alot was from the massive pumping up of emerging markets.

    with the rapid creation of all this new wealth in such a short period of time, all this new money just diluted all the money in current circulation and peoples wealth prior to this great pumping.

    so it appears that with economic growth, unless your the one making the money, the economic growth just dilutes everyones else's wealth making all this stuff we do just a waste of time. ECONOMIC GROWTH JUST DEVALUES YOUR WEALTH ....HAhahahaahHA. thats why wealth is being destroyed now.

    ps.. how loving of the members of the counsel on foreign relations pumping up all the countries they ve been destabilizing and robbing for god knows how long to prevent global melt down in 2001.
  2. Dumb. We would be seeing massive amounts of inflation if your statement was correct and i got a C in economics which really shows how dumb your post was.
  3. Have we NOT seen massive inflation in recent years?
  4. I've thought about this some. Technology has to some extent mitigated the effects of the dilution. We can make more out of the resources we have, mine, and grow.

    There are going to be hard times, though, at certain points because technology just hasn't kept up with growing demands or when people lose trust in the paper money (it's really based on nothing else). Over the long run, it's so complex how far technology can go to keep up with the demands of "stuff". Theoretically, there's just a *ton* of energy we're not harnessing, so I tend to think a lot of it could be worked out if we could be smart about it. But, most people aren't smart (that's the crux, right?).

    Of course fiat currency serves to spread the wealth. They started using it partly to solve that very problem. It's a form of socialism almost no one understands, so there's no huge movement against it. It seems to also serve as a restart to the economy when it gets slow. As long as the market is going up (even if it's due to inflation), there are people that are making money that had none or a small amount before. That breeds optimism, which seems to start us on new bull markets.

    That's my 2 cents for what it's worth.

  5. I read a good article recently about the effects of technology on efficient mgmt of resources; I'm going to try to find it.
  6. No we have NOT.
  7. Hmmm. So, you're comparing to the 70s? Or something even more drastic, like post-wwI germany?
  8. if you look at the run in commodities from 2002 i think we have had some inflation gold went from 300 to 800 why? inflation
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    the build up of china looks exactly like nazi germany, down to having the Olympics.
    i would not doubt we re being set up for ww3.
    bankers destroyed the banking system, china being built up, powers to be struggling to maintain order.just like 1929, nazis pop up a few years later then ww2. and the fact
    then the most powerful people on the planet want to kill off all of us.
    in a year or 2 we could all be dead and the planet could have a fresh start with a few million of the most important people left.
    will it be plagues let loose or war?
    these guys just keep doing the same scams over and over again.
    they killed 50 million in ww2, this time it will be 6 billion
  10. ok dude- put your paranoia aside.

    Do you even know what the council for foreign relations writes about?

    Read about 10 of his posts over the last year. There is no freaking way this guy is part of some dodgy elitist group that you've suggested.

    If you find you have some much in common with his views, why would you critique the organization he works for as some kind of new world ordery conspiracy theory?

    Either way Setser is very reputable and he works there.
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