Global warming

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  1. Will never be taken seriously in enough time to tackle it effectively. Human beings are simply not capable of thinking past their own life span for such a cause. Stopping global warming with such broad use our current energy producing technology is impossible.

    Weather refugees, water and food shortages.

    2100(or sooner?) will be hell on earth. Glad i`ll be dead.

    I hope to be 100% wrong. Please prove me wrong.

    Am I being to negative?
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    Well, global cooling didn't kill ya. Maybe global warming won't either. But, not to worry, if it doesn't, they'll have a scientific concensus of some other type of global catastrophe to keep folks occupied.
  3. Yes, you're being far too negative. First, there is no evidence mankind is making much if any contribution to whatever global warming exists. Second, there is no evidence that anything we could conceivably due will counteract climate change, any more than the Vikings could when global warming ensued.

    The more basic point however is that none of the parade of horrors you fear will come to pass. Even if we had warming on an unprecedented scale, mankind could easily cope with the consequences. We had periods in the past with far warmer temps than anyone is predicting, and there was none of the wholesale flooding that is talked about. If the temperature in Ohio became more like Georgia, it would hardly be a catastrophe. There would be winners and losers. Agriculture could flourish in regions that are too cold now.

    Don't lose sight of the fact that the change would be incremental and spread out over many decades. It would not come upon us overnight, and we would have plenty of time to adapt.
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    overpopulation and overconsumption is what we need to address....not a 5 degree temp change over 100 years.....
  5. Correction: Any more than the Vikings could when global COOLING ensued.

    Greenland was once covered in forests and was prime farming land. The "little ice age" turned it into what it is today.
  6. True.
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    Do not worry. A 5 degree increase in temperature change in 100 years will more than offset any overpopulation concerns there may be at the present time.

    The attitudes expressed here amaze me. Mr Beltway thinks the entire scientific community is a bunch of imbeciles. He must be an "astronaut" then, because obviously all he took up in school was space.

    Indiahook: Your concerns are justified, but I think that even if we ALL did the right thing "immediately" (not scaled in over a 10 year period) it would be too little too late.

    "May you live in interesting times"...I believe we shall.
  8. Absolute rubbish. The IPCC report just released concludes that it is 90% probable that human activity is responsible for global warning. The IPCC is reputed to be conservative in its findings. There is no question that the great majority of scientific opinion is broadly in agreement.

    To suggest that because some colder bits will warm up and everything will be OK is ridiculous. No problems - just move the population of Indonesia for example to Siberia. Or Mexico to northern Canada. Or Vietnam to the south Island of New Zealand.
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  10. Why don't you contact the IPCC and provide them with the link. They obviously are not privy to this data or they would have come up a different conclusion. No ?
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