Global Warming!

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  1. LOL

    where did this go?

    have all the useful-idiots moved on to something else? Or are they regrouping and redefining the "problem"
  2. How embarrassing ... the useful-idiots don't define the problem

    1000 apologies to all the useful-idiots out there
  3. Sheese, not long ago this topic would have generated 100's of responses...

    (I for one, will never forget. Not a bold claim, considering these liberal-vampires are always landing on your neck in search of blood)
  4. Havent you felt it getting hotter!! Thats global warming! Look at how the snow is melting off the mountains! Look how its not raining as much.

    What? Whats that you say?..... Summer? NO THATS NOT SUMMER...Its GLOBAL WARMING! So what if it happens every year. Its still global warming...proof is that its .001 degrees hotter than last year! yeah! Thats it! You are moron if you dont understand that! yeah! You are not smart like me and my liberal friends. We are smart, you are dumb. If you join us, then we will call you smart too. Join us so you can be with the "In" crowd and fight for causes that cost taxpayers billions of dollars.
  5. The important thing to remember is this ....


    lots of lessons to be learned, no doubt we will repeat history in the future
  6. Bye-bye, Global Cooling Myth: Hottest march and hottest Jan-Feb-Mar on Record

    "It was the hottest March in both satellite records (UAH and RSS), and tied for the hottest March on record in the NASA dataset. It was the hottest (or tied for hottest) January through March in all three records."

    Note that the UAH satellite record is maintained by AGW skeptics Spencer and Christie who are certainly not prone to exaggerating the increase in temperature.
  7. Zzzziing :D :D