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  1. pysche!

    thought everyone could use a laugh ...
  2. you know ... i sacrificed my precious time to laugh at you leftist idiots the least you could do is defend yourselves
  3. Did you read George Will today?

  4. Feenixrizin, you are looking for bigdavediode, he will fight with you. :D
  5. Yeah he will cite the findings of Michael Mann and pretend as if it is actually credible science.
  6. The fact that the planet is warming is NOT in dispute. Thousands of scientists working millions of man-hours since the 1950's and analyzing data as far back as the middle ages regarding temperatures, glacial melt, and reams of other data have PROVEN this FACT. You can listen to right-wingnuts and corporate stooges with vested interests in keeping the current status quo if you want.

    The only aspect in dispute is whether the actions of humans is the cause or whether it is simply a normal process that occurs naturally. Actually we are due to enter a new ice age but it is possible the human activity is forestalling that event.

    In any event, it doesn't matter. We are not going to take the only actions necessary to protect our planet from global warming or any of the other environmental disasters that are brewing. These actions will require either a reduction in standard of living for the northern hemisphere, a reduction in number of humans on the planet or both. Neither of these things will happen and our species will go extinct with a whimper. The planet will continue on its path very well without us. It's cool to think about the creatures that might evolve on the very poisons that we leave behind.

  7. oh god, thank you for that ...

    it's not 13 year old girls that drive my sexual pervsion ...

    it's liberals with climate data that make my legs tingle
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    OMG OMG... it's so important!! It's raised to the level of a really imminent disaster...

    OK, envirobastards have been raising everything to the level of a really imminent disaster for many decades now... so far, no disasters....
    man adds a tiny percentage of smoke to the atmosphere, and basically, who is going to listen to people that on one hand want us to stop burning things but they advocate letting the National Forests burn?

    Envirocranks, advocating complete mismanagement of public lands for decades now... private forests NEVER BURN... people aren't aware of the difference, private forests are managed, the brush is cleared, the natural resources are made available to families, the habitat is there for all sorts of birds and animals... public lands, forget it, an utter backwater of the planet in many regards...

    And what posers, saviours of the environment, complete bullshit... anybody donating to the Sierra Club or Environmental Defense Fund is nuts, a more practical approach has to be found first, one with some real scientific inputs, not this politicized shit that makes Al Gore rich that we get bombarded with...
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    You're welcome. Who was it that helpfully posted the graph which proves that the last hundred years or so have actually been a period of global cooling?
  10. I don't know, I havent being paying attention ..

    Let's just call him, Mr. Common Sense
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