Global Warming Science Is Bunk

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    Critics are blasting a draft U.N. climate change report that combines studies by advocacy groups like the World Wildlife Fund and Greenpeace alongside scientific research papers -- the same issue that led independent auditors to slam the U.N.'s last report.

    “You'd think that the IPCC would have learned its lesson, that it would have told its authors not to rely on these sorts of publications,” said Donna Laframboise, the head of, an investigative website skeptical of the scientific consensus on global warming.

    “The report currently includes, amongst its list of references, nine separate publications produced wholly or in part by the WWF,” Laframboise told

    This isn’t the first time the WWF has been used as a source in a climate assessment report by the U.N.'s IPCC, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. In 2007, the panel relied on statements made in a WWF article to predict that the Himalayan glaciers would melt by 2035. That claim was based on nothing more than a remark that a scientist made in a 1999 interview with New Scientistmagazine.

    A 2010 audit by a panel of scientists from around the world called for change, meaning less so-called "gray literature," and the IPCC apologized for the error.

    “The WWF has a definite opinion about whether humans are responsible for global warming. It wants more people to think the way it does,” Laframboise said. Some scientists say such reports should generally not be cited.

    “In general, I don’t think reports by advocacy groups are credible,” John Christy, a climatologist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, said.

    “The real issue is that all of the evidence is being evaluated either by people who embrace an activist worldview, or who don't consider an activist worldview to be at odds with rigorous science,” Laframboise said.

    “The IPCC sees nothing wrong with activist perspectives. That's what gives the game away. That's what tells us that what's going on at the IPCC is not science.”

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  2. Now there's an oxymoron..Fox News and science. LOL.
  3. Forget the "oxy " you're just a moron.
  4. So global warming is bunk because the WWF was cited as one of hundreds if not thousands of science inputs.

    Typical right wing logic. None at all.
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    LOL But that's what they do when faced with facts. Try to impune the messenger.
  6. Right....You idiot deniers have facts up the ass about AGW, but you're still idiot deniers. LOL. Too funny.
  7. WWF eh?
    Maybe you are the last to know but Professional wraslin is "FAKE"
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    FC, when you don't know the facts don't start making up stories. It just makes you look bad and hurts your argument further.
  9. pspr and science :eek:
  10. What "stories"? You mean the fact that virtually all the world's climate experts and science organizations agree but moron science-ignorant righties don't? Do you mean that "story"?
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