"Global Warming" SCAM - Hack/Leak

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  1. Its some peoples new religion (and Gore has even spoken in these terms). - Youd think people would be happy that maybe they didnt have to worry about this 'waiting disaster' wouldn't you ? - - Well, not if its a matter of faith & personal identity.

    But this isnt the first time for such a scam, to say the least. The scope of the fraud & level of the greed of the gangsters is unmatched, however.

    See "Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds" written in 1852 by Charles MacKay and with accounts going back hundreds of years.
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    The conspiracy theory is the new religion. The world's ice is melting and greenhouse gases are accumulating. You could observe this yourself.
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  3. So what's the political agenda? I see a lot of bitching and moaning, but no credible explanation. There something else going on here, IMHO.
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    HAHA... kind of like when they were talking about the ice age was coming in the early 70's it started getting warmer and warmer... Looks like their timing is a bait off... thank god for us
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    Just for clarity, are you a GW or a MMGW skeptic?
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