Global warming proven a Scam today.

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  1. Sorry this probably should have been in the politics section...although now that we know global warming is a scam, why go green? No need to have all these expensive restrictions and taxes on cars anymore because its "good for the environment" We can start building inexpensive cars and get our manufacturing back up if we dont have to comply with some of these "green" laws. If Obama acts on this, this COULD be what we need to save our economy. But 99.9% chance they wont act on it.
  2. Some of us knew it was a scam as soon as the liberals jumped abord that train, more than 30 years ago. The outright refusal to scientifically compare objective evidence was clear evidence the movement was rigged. Only the foolish and politically motivated to the left of center believed/supported the movement.
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    You assume two things:

    1. That the entire "climate change" movement is actually about changing the climate. It's not. It is of course about seizing power through wealth grabs and Obama knows this as well as anyone.

    2. That Obama would actually make a decision based on logic and facts rather than pure leftist ideology.
  4. Well-said and emphasized.
  5. It has always been junk science and pure power grab. This is no surprise.

    The "surpirse" will be if the media pays it any attention.

    This should be the story of the century!
  6. If the evidence is irrefutable that we are experiencing global warming why the do "authorities" on the subject need to manipulate the numbers?

    Why also, do they feel the need to bully any sceptics and ignore their findings?

    Don't forget, NASA gets funding too and all the scientists have a vested financial interest in keeping the dream alive.

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