global warming physics question.

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    I am sure all of you have heard the old ice in a glass of water thing. Right?

    How ice doesnt displace less water than water so if the glaciers all melt the ocean level will not rise as much as other people claim.

    I have no idea if that is right or not.

    But, I wonder if anyone has done any research on how much the amount of water frozen in the glaciers expaned when it froze.

    I am curious how much more space the glaciers take up because of the expansion of the water when it froze.

    Its probably relatively small but when talking about that much water I imagine it is a lot of space.
  2. Archimede's law. google it.
  3. ===================
    a]Several practical comments, nickname 151;
    hope this helps.

    ab]Founder of weather channel, who says algore should be sued for fraud/global warming];
    noted 2007 cold temps canceled out past 25 years of slight warm temp.

    abc]You are right on water expanding when it changes to ice .
    Reguardless of the age of earth, the older it gets,
    the more famine, roaring seas,earthquakes will increase, like birth pangs .According to Gods word the Bible.

    I hope this helps, you are not like the so called ''global warming '' cheats/frauds who changed the name to climate change. They changed the name to protect the guilty.

    If glaciers melt, increase, or stay same;
    i think there is a bgger threat [ in intensity, frequency]to seacoast citys as earth ages, reguardless.
  4. Of course thats right, if the ice is floating like the North pole, nothing is going to happen bc it is already displacing water. The south pole and Greenland though consist of ice on land, if those melt then the sea levels would rise significantly. Make sense? Easy stuff.
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    Jon thats what I mean. I am just wondering if when scientist calculate how much the sea level would rise they are able to account for the expansion of the water when the glaciers froze.

    Say there are 100 acres of frozen lake ice and it is ten feet deep.

    When the water melts how much less space will be taken up because of the contraction?

  6. From what I;ve read, if the south pole melted we're talking 200 feet sea level rise, greenland melting is about 20 feet.
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    When 1 unit of water freezes and is allowed to float in liquid water, it displaces an amount of water corresponding to the immersed part of the iced water. However, the ice has lower density than the liquid water, and hence it floats exposing an amount of ice that corresponds to the difference of density between ice and liquid water. Therefore, when the ice structure melts and becomes liquid again, the overall water level will not change at all from the level before the freezing. Hear that Al Gore? :)
  8. Ever heard of the south pole or greenland?
  9. except most of that ice is currently over land and when it'll help inflate oceans.
    How stupid are you, Yannis ?
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    I'm talking about icebergs, you idiot, read my post carefully (eg, ice in water, etc)!
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