Global Warming? Oklahoma Sets New Record, 28 Below

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Feb 10, 2011.

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  2. It is the result of global warming that this cold is happening.

    And we must control it because the last thing we want is cold- the polar bears hate it!

    Higher taxes will surely bring back the nice warm ice melting weather.
  3. olias


    No one knows for sure, but the evidence is very strong that humans are causing global warming:

    "There's plenty more evidence in the Met Office report to support global warming. But the question from critics remains: how can we be sure this isn't just a natural phenomenon? Scientists haven't done a good enough job of communicating how they distinguish human versus natural influences, says Hegerl. The answer lies in climate models — massive computer simulations that allow the scientists to project climate effects in various scenarios, including those in which humans do not emit any greenhouses at all. "We go out of our way to check out other explanations — by assuming it's all explained by solar activity, or by solar activity plus volcanoes, or by combinations of any of the other natural forcings known to affect climate," says Hegerl.

    According to the models, none of those combinations can produce the climate patterns currently being observed in the real world."

    Read more:,8599,1971702,00.html#ixzz1DZQM7IEG,8599,1971702,00.html
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    Figures you would see such tripe out of Time magazine. The Met and IPCC have pretty much been discredited for manipulating data to support their theories.
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    So this basically means that when the world is a frozen ice-ball you folks will still be claiming global warming. It is religious zealotry.
  6. Indeed. And I'm sure you've noticed that none of the fools pushing this junk 'science' have ever presented any scientific data which contradicts their beliefs.

    Thus taking the science out of the science.
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    Agree. Its their religion and the high-priestess is Al Gore.

    It has been interesting seeing Al Gore decend from almost-President to enviromental huckster with an Inconvenient Erection.
  8. Thus spake pspr, bugscoe and 377OHMS, arbiters of science in the realm and undisputed masters of the false equivalency.
  9. I'd like to see a study of what percentage of these global warming nutcases actually own an electric or hybrid car.
    Olias will probably lie and say he owns one. [​IMG]
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    Al Gore recently purchased a new home on the beach. I guess he no longer expects the oceans to rise.

    He also has been known to leave his limo running while he is speaking to his audience of followers. (wants to make sure the interior is kept warm or cool ready for his departure.)
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