Global warming LOL part 2

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  1. Earth Gains Record Amount of Sea Ice In 2013...

    ...Al Gore Predicted Arctic Ice Could Disappear...

    New UN report lowers estimates on global warming...

    Al Gore is slowly being exposed as a complete fraud.

  2. The record gain was from a near record low. But you don't understand these complexities do you?

    Guess what. Al Gore's hockey stick chart? Absolutely proven true by multiple studies no doubt it is true. Al Gore was essentially (know that word) right. No doubt.

    The world is not slowing down it's warming at all. Not even close. All the ice is melting. Sea level is rising. The weather is getting more extreme. The oceans are acidifying.

    Now what did you say.?
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    The hockey stick chart is a complete fraud. Any reasonable person recognizes this. Even the mainstream media has posted numerous articles demonstrating that the proposed hockey stick scenario has not held up in the face of the reality of a stall in global warming over the past 16 years outlined in the recent IPCC commentary.

    Dr. Manning and others who pushed the hockey stick chart will be openly mocked for their scientific fraud a few years from now.
  4. LOL love it
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    I say you sound more and more like Chicken Little every day. :cool:
  6. If everything they say is irrefutable fact then why are the experts so often wrong?

    Here are the facts from 2007

    Maslowski told members of the American Geophysical Union in 2007 that the Arctic’s summer ice could completely disappear within the decade. “If anything,” he said, “our projection of 2013 for the removal of ice in summer… is already too conservative.” - See more at:

    Here are the current facts

    Satellite photos of the Arctic taken by NASA in August 2012 and August 2013 show a 60 percent increase in the polar ice sheet, more than half the size of Europe, despite “realistic” predictions by climate scientists six years ago that the North Pole would be completely melted by now. - See more at:

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    Hey, this is "science", we're not concerned with facts, ok?
  8. No, once again your delusions and brainwashed, stunted intellect is mistaken.

    Multiple studies, one of which was funded by the Koch bros of all things, has confirmed that the temperature chart of the earth has a hockey stick shape.

    I would post them but you would reject them because you are a doltish, partisan, closed-minded fanatic.
  9. I say you are an idiot.

    Do you debate what I said is true? Because there is plenty of authoritative sources that prove it.

    There is perhaps no better proof of how stupid righties are than their denial of the science of AGW.
  10. Wow. You really are stupid aren't you?

    First off, who the hell is Maslowski and does he speak for the climate community as a whole?

    "atellite photos of the Arctic taken by NASA in August 2012 and August 2013 show a 60 percent increase in the polar ice sheet,"

    Do you even know what this garbled translation of a misleading statistic means?

    Do you have any concept of long term trends and that a one year change is as insignificant as your IQ?
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