global warming is false.

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  1. where are they? last winter every time we had a cold spell the deniers were out in force saying"see it snowed in texas,that proves global warming false. the world is actually cooling".
    now that most of the us is roasting and over 900 heat records have fallen in july alone what say you?
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    I don't think there is anyone left on this board who thinks there is no warming. The debate has moved to what's causing it. (I hope.)
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    Max E.

    Goddammit..... i missed the memo.

    Max E. Pad fires his secretary
  4. Hope you are right. To me, we need to move to how do we adapt as the climate warms and the oceans rise.

    For example, should governments compensate people that see their homes submerge?

  5. only if they will compensate me if there is a forest fire. actually they already do compensate people for flooding. flood insurance is subsidised by the government.
  6. I guess you missed obama's promise that his election would stop the seas from rising. So you can stop worrying about that.
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    Well, he could have tried, call it tilting at windmills if you wish, but his opponents don't think there is warming, or if they do, it's not Man caused, or if it is Man caused, there's nothing we can do about it anyway, or if there is something we can do about it, it would be too expensive. Etc. Who mentioned "big tobacco" today? Bang on.
  8. You're welcome.
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    Max E.

    So you are hoping people smoke tobacco and die of lung cancer?

    Personally i dont hope people smoke tobacco and die of lung cancer but thats just me, because im not a sociopath.
  10. Crops in my state are two weeks behind schedule. Too cold. The number of growing degree days is only 50 to 70% of what it should be. Maybe the warm weather will help make up for that.
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