Global Warming: For Experts Only

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  1. piezoe


    It's record cold here this am, so I went outside and exhaled. I know that's only a small contribution, but I figure with Hansen's positive feedback it will be above freezing by nightfall.
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  2. Snarkhund


    It figures...

    The High Priests of the Global Warming Cult have declared that cold winter conditions are due to... yep, Global Warming.

    What they have done is to claim *all possible climate outcomes* to be caused by Global Warming. That is to say, if it is hot and dry it is due to AGW and if it is cold and wet is *also* due to AGW. So basically no matter what happens the cultists will claim AGW as cause.
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  3. jem


    you are a troll.
    the scientist discusses peer reviewed science showing that natural causes are responsible for at least some of the ice melt... and you deem it shit because you don't like real science..

    as if a scientist should not be discussing peer reviewed science on his website.

    you are the troll with the least amount of integrity on the internet.
    why do you hate real science?

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  4. Holy shit, you are SUCH a fucking liar.
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  5. You need to get over your obsession with Hansen, piehole. Why don't you point out to jerm why his article is a joke?
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  7. traderob


    Evolution theory is just as laughable as climate alarmism.
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  8. Yes evolution is another inconvenient truth, for ignorant, delusional religitards.
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  9. Not the cause, but a factor contributing to. No surprise that AGW deniers cannot understand how that could be. More black and white "thinking".
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  10. jem


    you are a disgusting troll.
    show me where I lied.... ever.

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