Global Warming: For Experts Only

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    1. you lie again. the sentence says he has a b.s. and and M.S. in geology. How can you lie so stupidly? You do realize M.S. is a masters of science don't you?

    2. if you read the link to the PBS article... the pbs articled linked to a journal. His article was had numerous citations. you are just lying your ass off.

    3. Finally, you have not once even tried to argue or understand the science. Are you denying natural cycles and forces can and have caused the ice to melt?

    its like you don't understand we have cycled through all this in past. Long before man made co2 was being created.

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  2. So you can't even admit that he is unqualified hack that wrote a hack piece for his petro employers. It's obvious to anyone with an IQ over 80.

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    who cares if he is a hack
    al gore is a hack yet you cite his crap
    skeptical science is run by a cartoonist yet you cite that site all the time.

    its the science that matters.
    his article showed by linking to other articles and journals that at least some of the melt is due to natural causes.

    That you can't even discuss the science is telling.
    you lie your ass off to avoid even discussing the science.

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    Lol. What a loser you are.
    Only the geologists you select, with the conclusions that serve your bias, are acceptable...
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    I thought that had been established long long ago. If you're a climate denier, skeptic, whatever - regardless of credential, your voice means nothing and should be silenced at all cost.
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  7. Nonsense. Climate deniers are all that you right wingers hear from. That's why you're so deluded and ignorant about the subject. The article jem posted is a perfect example of the crap you guys are fed and gullibly accept. Say bah sheep. Sad.
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  8. So you looked at this and actually think that article is worthy. Amazing.

    Do really think that science papers end with

    ". More bluntly, it’s time to call off the dogs in global warming dogma and reinstitute a more free-thinking scientific approach of climate studies."



    Or that science papers come from the author's website, with no peer review? And the author works for the fossil fuel industry.


    More likely you do not care that the source is shit, it repeats what your team chants which is all that matters.

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    you are such a liar.
    The author linked to an NPR article.
    The NPR article is based on a paper in which is peer reviewed.

    your entire argument is anti science troll piece shot zero integrity argument of lies.

    2. here is the main paragraph I cited.
    click the first link..."here"
    it goes to NPR.
    see the NPR article it links to source material at the

    you lying, zero integrity anti science troll.

    "These research studies, conducted by reliable institutions, prove beyond any reasonable doubt that anomalous Arctic Sea Ice melting involves a complex interaction process between many natural forces, not just atmospheric forces (see here, here, and here). This is a major setback for climate scientists and politicians advocating man-made atmospheric global warming. Turns out that the poster child and supposedly 97% resolved a portion of the theory which states human CO2 emissions are the singular cause of anomalous Arctic Sea Ice melting is—in the vernacular—a lot of hot air."

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    So why did he have to publish it on his own website and not in a peer reviewed journal.

    I'll tell you why. Because it's shit. Like all of your sources of lies.
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