Global Warming: For Experts Only

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    One unmistakable sign of agw is the signature of the way the upper atmosphere is warming. "The" atmosphere is composed of several "layers". The statistical signature of the way the atmosphere warms is a key fingerprint, of what the cause for the warming is.

    This short lecture explains it nicely:

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    Wrong. Venus has an incredibly thick atmosphere and traps the heat from the Sun.

    The atmosphere traps the heat. No atmosphere....No heat...
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    I am a conservative who believes in conserving the environment.
    In the past I volunteered my professional time to clean bay and ocean groups.

    I agree with your statement here... entirely. Very strong point.
    For the market to efficiently distribute resources and for price to be a good signal the price should include all the costs. Many times I have argued nuclear is improperly priced because we have not figured out how to store nuclear waste properly.

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    1.You missed a very large contributor... underwater vents and volcanoes.

    the oceans have been warming since the last ice age.
    change in oceans temps lead change in atmosphere co2.

    Ocean warming can be caused by sun and underwater vents and volcanoes.

    In fact the vents and volcanoes are melting ice at the poles as we speak and warming the Indian Ocean right now. Which is where most of the warming in the ocean and therefore on earth is located.

    2. There have been numerous recent peer reviewed studies...that have shown the sun and the tides do lead and therefore seem to drive temperature.

    WeTodd has been presenting them almost monthly here.
    Do a search.

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  6. And I will add that there are many other reasons to move away from oil & coal beyond "climate change". Oil imports have a relationship with geo-dependence on unfriendly regimes (e.g. Venezuela). Oil, natural gas, and coal are very dirty fuels in terms of extraction pollution. Coal causes significant hard particle pollution when used (even with scrubbers).

    There are host of reasons to move towards green energy such as solar and wind over oil, natural gas, and coal. Supporters of green energy should focus on these issues which are obvious rather than "climate change" when directing the discussion about "going green". Building their focus points around "climate change" is a path that hinders the adoption of green energy and leads to resistance from nearly half the population.
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    1. your video... assumed earth is a closed system. As I said before we have co2 sinks and the ability to off gas Co2. So we could find man made co2 in the atmosphere... but it could have just displaced naturally occurring co2.

    CO2 levels trail changes in ocean temps.

    2. we know that co2 in the upper atmosphere acts as a thermostat according to NASA.
    It prevents some of the suns warming energy from getting to the earth...
    I just linked to that recent proof a few pages ago.
    Your video did not seem to take that into account.

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  9. Not knowing the difference between weather and climate -- eye roll
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