Global Warming: For Experts Only

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  1. Are you blind or just willfully ignorant?

    From the webpage link ...

    Sulfur dioxide initiates global climate change in four ways: Thin Solid Films, v. 517, no. 11, p. 3188-3203, doi:10.1016/j.tsf.2009.01.005.

    Ozone depletion explains global warming Current Physical Chemistry, v. 6, no. 4, p. 275-296.

    The physics of global warming (in review)
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    Again, I asked for the peer reviewed papers for the 'experiments' quoted in TheHill article, his expertise on ozones isn't the problem, his AGW predictions are.
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    1. CO2... is also a coolant. It also reflects the sun energy back into space.

    2. CO2 levels trail ocean warming and cooling... peer reviewed

    3. The oceans have been heating up since the last ice age.

    4. We don't know that man made co2 is actually increasing the amount of co2 that would be in our atmosphere being that we have co2 sinks like the ocean and we could off gas it. In short... its not a closed system.

    5. Long term temperature records are spotty. You can't really compare current instrument data with the proxy temps. the proxy data could be set a little cooler than it really was.

    6. Given the raw temperature data there is not proof we have been warming outside statistical norms.

    7. There is no peer reviewed science stating man made co2 is causing warming outside of failed computer models.

    So, we don't know if man made co2 is causing warming.
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  4. "So, we don't know if man made co2 is causing warming." persist with this absurd statement.

    Wrong. You are a fucking liar.
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  5. The best you can do is post a link to a website maintained by graduate students at the California Institute of Technology as your evidence to refute "we don't know if man made co2 is causing warming." Guess, as always, you have no scientific facts or data to dispute this statement.

    Of course, you probably have posted your meaningless link over 300 times now.
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  6. Yes the best I can do is show what all of the world's science says and refute jerm's absurd statements.

    Those science orgs actually said those things. Do you dispute that or do you only put up red herrings? is that the best you can do?

    Are you working for a think tank also? You seem to have no interest in truth.
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    could you tell us where in the scientific method "consensus" is monitored?

    when I go over the school projects with my kids... they never include consensus in their experiments.

    When i look at the projects at the science fair... I have never seen one of the steps being - arrive at a consensus.

    has science changed... I thought all the science types honored galileo for challenging the consensus with science.

    so given those groups represent thousands of scientists... could you find one scientist on those groups who states that one form of scientific proof or scientific evidence is "consensus".

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  9. I suggest that you explore this site. It also speaks to the science. But you have no interest in it because you are a deranged liar.\
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