Global Warming: For Experts Only

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    The equation they use to calculate temperature change from carbon dioxide is:

    dT = λ * 5.36*In(C/C0) where
    • dT is change in temperature in celsius
    • C current carbon ppm (ie 400 )
    • C0 base carbon ppm (280 the start of the industrial era)
    • λ = climate sensitivity - somewhere between .5 and 1.2 generally they use .8. If you are a 'skeptic' you use .5 if an alarmist you use 1.2.
    Put that into an excel spreadsheet and you get 1.5 for the increase in temperature from C02 since the start of the industrial era... which is about right. In excel use LN to calculate the natural logarithm.
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  2. You say that like it's a bad thing.

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  3. Part of the issue here is
    Hey, I'm all for it. I have ~300 acres in southern California. I'm entitled to a US passport but that IRS global earnings bullshit.. now if Cali dropped that heheh.

    Let the flyover states farm and do their god with a small g and stuff. Four new manageable territories (5 if you add the Conch Nation of Key West). Trump style, instead of one big country/company have things in lots of small ones.

    That should be the next lobbyist thing, the climate change deniers will fall for that also.
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    The difference in the graphs below are the start dates.
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    Global Tropic Cyclones at 45-Year Low

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    Global Hurricane Frequency

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    “Atlantic Tropical Storms Lasting More Than 2 Days Have Not Increased in Number”

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    Don't post math, post cartoons and Breitbart links, that's where the real science is.
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    Emphasis is mine below.

    Volcanoes and ozone are missing from the climate change debate

    How could carbon dioxide have become so important scientifically, economically, and politically without greenhouse-warming theory ever having been verified by experiment, a cornerstone of the scientific method?

    I have now completed experiments showing that air with more than 23-times normal concentrations of carbon dioxide is heated no more than 0.2 degrees more than normal air when exposed to the same infrared radiation. Air with more than 10-times normal concentrations of carbon dioxide covered Earth 400 million years ago when ice ages were common.

    Atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide have been rising steadily since 1945 at ever increasing rates. These rates do not change suddenly in 1969, 1998 and 2014 when rates of global warming changed.

    Throughout the past 800,000 years, increases in concentrations of carbon dioxide do correlate with increases in ocean temperatures, but concentrations typically increase a few hundred years after observed warming. Oceans are well-known to lose carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as they warm, much like your warming beer loses its fizz.

    Cores drilled through Greenland ice show that the greatest warming observed in the past 130,000 years occurred from 12,000 to 9500 years ago, when sea level rose more than 400 feet. This was the time when 12 of the 13 best-dated, basaltic, volcanic centers in Iceland were active, the highest rates of volcanism recorded in all of Greenland ice.

    Throughout written history, eruptions of large amounts of basaltic lava were contemporaneous with the onset of rapid global warming, including the Medieval warm period and the Roman warm period. Ice cores in Greenland document that 25 times in the past 130,000 years, the world warmed at least halfway out of ice-age conditions within a few years when basaltic volcanoes were erupting, followed by slow cooling over centuries to millennia.

    These irregular sequences averaged every 4000 years, but they were highly erratic. They were not cyclic. These footprints of climate change cannot be explained by greenhouse gases or by any of the numerous theories claiming that cyclical processes cause climate change.

    Despite such clear and widely reported data, the number one “key finding” of the recent Climate Science Special Report by the U.S. Global Change Research Program concluded with “very high confidence” that “global climate continues to change rapidly compared to the pace of the natural variations in climate that have occurred throughout Earth’s history.”

    This “key finding” is clearly mistaken.

    The greatest known global warming and mass extinctions occurred 251 million years ago when basaltic lava covered an area of Siberia equivalent to 87 percent of the contiguous United States. Throughout Earth’s history, periods of rapid warming occurred when basalt flowed out over large areas.

    The largest, most rapidly formed basalt flow since 1783 erupted in Icelandfrom August 2014 to February 2015, most likely leading to the observed very rapid global warming since 2014. This is why 2016 is the hottest year on record and 2017 may even be warmer.

    On the other hand, global cooling appears to be caused by large explosive volcanoes that eject water vapor and sulfur dioxide into the lower stratosphere forming a sulfuric acid aerosol or mist that reflects and scatters sunlight, cooling Earth 0.9 degrees for two to four years, but lowering ocean temperatures for nearly a century.
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