Global Warming: For Experts Only

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    I am wondering what the experts on EliteTrader think about Global Warming. While I don't believe that the frequency of storms say anything about Anthropomorphic Global Warming, I do believe that the strength and the rain fall that they seem to be dropping in modern times is a red flag.

    And now, we have Jose following Irma in the Atlantic!

    I am not climate scientist, but I hear this guy is and he makes a strong argument:

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    Now wait for Seth Rich conspiracy theorists to lecture everyone on science.
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    Carbon dioxide captures heat. Its basic physics. You can prove this in a lab or a simple home experiment, and you can show how much heat it captures. There isn't any doubt about it...
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    The question under debate is the effect of Man Made CO2
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    Rainfall and wind speeds were much higher in the past. Any temporary global warming or cooling is due to sunspot activity/solar flare cycles. Humans like Extra Goat Roper, Phony Snark, False Currency and Yak Barn are arrogant enough to think that their actions could affect the way the world behaves and reacts.---They have no clue and know not their insignificant place in history.---
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    Yes----there is.
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    The Earth is in a long term cool-down. Be glad that we live in a section of the Earth's life where temperatures are such that we may exist and flourish here. --It won't last forever--. The Earth doesn't even notice that we're here.
  8. There is doubt about the physics? CO2 is relatively transparent to visible frequencies and relatively opaque to infra-red. A number of gasses have this property including water vapor.

    The Sun emits plenty of infrared heat, CO2 absorbs way more than say nitrogen or oxygen, the other visible frequencies that become heat when they strike the surface of the Earth are further trapped.

    The problem is the emotional attachment some have to their pseudoscience. Cliffy Clavin was at least amusing.

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    The earth naturally heats up and cools down in cycles, currently we transitioning from a 400year hot cycle towards a 400year cold cycle, you always see new highs before the reversal but will probably take a few decades to play out. Then you have the stupidity of the human race pumping beyond idiotic amounts of synthetic chemicals in to the atmosphere, 10fold in the past 40years such as ammonia. To counteract that the planet has to readjust, the oceans are the collecting ponds for the toxic substances so you can believe the sea levels will rise. We've been seeing bipolar weather patterns these past years, now we're getting to the angry schizophrenic weather patterns with Harvey and Irma, just wait for the psychotic patterns to emerge, that's going to be a show, they suggest California could break off in one of those.
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