Global Warming confirmed, skeptics speechless

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  1. it wont be enough for the et right wing intelligentsia.

    that wacky climate change denier and radio weather broadcaster Anthony Watts took a brave step a while back, and I commend him for it. He was enthused about an independent research project, the Berkeley Earth Project, that would measure the planet's temperature over the last centuries and compare it to the work of NOAA and NASA on earth's temperature — he apparently expected that it would show that NASA and NOAA had been inflating the data. He was so confident that he went on the record saying:

    I'm prepared to accept whatever result they produce, even if it proves my premise wrong.
    Excellent! That's a good scientific attitude.

    So the results have been published, and they look like this:

    Results from the Berkeley Earth project data fits existing NASA and NOAA temperature records like a gloveYou can probably see the NASA/NOAA data wiggling beneath the dark bold line of new data from the Berkeley Earth Project. They're rather…close. Intimate, even.

    What do you think Anthony Watts' response was?

    I consider the paper fatally flawed as it now stands, and thus I recommend it be removed from publication consideration by JGR until such time that it can be reworked.
    Yep. Didn't give the results he wanted. Therefore, the experiment is bad.
  2. "Compiling more than a billion temperature records dating back to the 1800s"
    All the way back to the 1800s. It's never been this warm before the 1800s. LOL.

    If we could only get the temp to increase one more degree, my winter heating bill plummets from $2094 to $2033. I will apply the savings to the thousands I will pay in carbon taxes.

    I like the poll at the end of the article:

    Will President Obama win re-election?
    No. 68.07% (16,112 votes)
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    that is SOOOOOOOOOO SCIENTIFIC!! Billions of records!! I'm creaming my jeans just thinking about all the science!!
  4. Only going back to the 1800s shouldn't be enough for anyone with a brain. Ice core samples going back over 400,000 years show regular warming and cooling cycles are a natural phenomenon.
  5. When discussing science, I like data. The ice core record you refer to is the Vostok Ice Cores going back about 0.5 million years. Looking at it shows to me that we are near or at the tipping point where the trend of temperatures declines and an ice age comes.


  6. No it is not when Atlantic Ocean water temperatures are no longer reported in US . Reason for not reporting them anymore is that temperature dropped and remained lower for last 4 consecutive years.
    Hence the low number of category 3 ,4,5 hurricanes .
  7. Climate Change Deniers Abandon ‘Befuddled Warmist’ Physicist Who Came Around On Global Warming
    Climate change deniers thought they had an ally in Richard Muller, a popular physics professor at UC Berkeley.

    Muller didn’t reject climate science per se, but he was a skeptic, and a convenient one for big polluters and conservative anti-environmentalists — until Muller put their money where his mouth was, and launched the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature project, in part with a grant from the Charles G. Koch foundation.

    After extensive study, he’s concluded that the existing science was right all along — that the earth’s surface is warming, at an accelerating rate. But instead of second-guessing themselves, his erstwhile allies of convenience are now abandoning him.
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    Tinker Bell,

    Did you bother to read the post you linked to?

    Taking a different approach, Marc Morano — a former aide to Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) and author of the website Climate Depot has a different, subtler line of attack: “[T]he climate debate has not centered on whether the Earth has warmed since the end of the Little Ice Age about 1850 or since the 1950s. The climate debate is about how much humans may or may not be contributing to the warming trend,” Morano wrote Friday, calling Muller a “befuddled warmist.”

    Climate Depot since at least March of 2011 had been publicly warning that Muller’s entire BEST project was a predetermined con set up to take down a straw man argument. See: On 3-23-11, Climate Depot wrote in group email to fellow skeptics: ‘This whole [Muller] project has to be a set up to screw skeptics. Who disputes warming has taken place? Why have we allowed Muller to set up a straw man argument to take cheap shots at skeptics? It appears Muller is incapable of running this project.

    He’s right. Muller’s conclusions aren’t technically in conflict with the views of a subset of skeptics — those that accept the Earth is warming, but deny the conclusion that humans are driving the warming. But they could easily refurbish the credibility of climate science in the public mind.
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