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    GSTrader<span style="float: right;">[​IMG]</span>

    Global Strategy Trader (GSTrader) is a high-end, professional trading platform that provides complete dual functionality - Personalized Online Trading Platform and Fully Automated Execution of Trading Systems.

    Key Features of the GSTrader Platform

    * Live Charts and Historical Data

    * Order Tickets

    * One-Click Trading from Market Depth (DOM) - Order Submission, Modification, Cancellation

    * On-Chart Order Entry

    * OCO/Bracket Orders

    * Scale-Out and Trailing Stops

    * Professional Strategy Development Environment

    * Automation of Trading Methods, Order Management and Strategies

    * Execution of Orders and Discretionary Strategies on Multiple Accounts <span style="float: right;">[​IMG]</span>

    * Automation of Strategies written in TradeStation or other Proprietary Platforms <span style="float: right;">[​IMG]</span>

    GSTrader is a fully equipped technical analysis tool with over 40 different indicators. Click here to view the indicators.

    Click here to view the GSTrader Tutorial Videos.

    GST on TT™!

    Would you like the speed, power and performance that is offered by Trading Technologies™ without the price? Trading Technologies™ feed with the STATIC DOM is now available on the GSTrader platform. GSTrader on TT™ brings the technology of Trading Technologies™ to your fingertips - for as low as $50 a month*!

    Click here for a FREE demo!

    Global StrategyLand - Let Us Program Your Trading Method!

    Would you like to convert your trading method into code or improve the execution of your existing trading strategy? We have made it simple with our Development Services. Click here for more information!

    Minimum Requirements

    Operating System: Windows XP (recommended), Windows Vista, or Windows 7

    Processor: E8400 Intel CPU or better

    Physical RAM: 1GB RAM for Windows XP / 2GB RAM for Windows Vista/Windows 7

    Hard Drive: 7200 RPM Hard Disk

    Graphics Card: Any modern graphics card with at least 256MB of dedicated memory.

    To learn more about this platform or to request a free demo click here to visit our website or contact me directly.

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    *Contact a broker for pricing details.

    There is a substantial risk of loss in trading futures, options, and forex. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.