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  1. Who has experience trading German, French, British, Canadian, Hong Kong, Japanese, Italian & Spanish stocks?

    How's the liquidity and volatility?

    Where do you get your data?

    Any good websites for screening, research, etc tthat are comparable to the US-centric equity sites: and

    What broker do you use for direct access. IB only has access to Germany, France, UK, & CAD. No access via IB to Hong Kong, Japan, Italy or Spain.

  2. Are you making money on demostic stocks? If not, start making money here before trying it aboard.
  3. I traded uk, european and aussie markets through spreadbetting and cfds.

    It's more convenient than DA because there's no tax and no worries about slippage and liquidity. Costs overall also are more contained, while with DA you have to do some size otherwise r:r stinks.

    If you want to daytrade them you better do so on earnings, where volatility is usually easier to predict and there's room to maneuver.

    Ranges otherwise are very tight.

    But if you hold overnight and get very lucky your stock can go up 2000%
    e.g.: italcementi a few months back gaps up 1990% at open.

    Good luck
  4. Thx Bitstream...

    Any more thoughts or ideas from others??
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    i live in central america. I have seen the way things are run outside the US. There are sure to be good deals out there...but for liquidity...stay with the red, white and blue. also when you go international, there are lots of levels of risk that are out of your control, accounting practices, taxation laws, governmental regulations, name it. stay safe stay domestic.
  6. The trouble with other world markets is that they're not exactly "trader friendly". Commissions, spreads are too high, software, data is not as developed, taxation is also an issue in some places. US is THE most trader-friendly marketplace in the world. I really wish other exchanges/brokers around the world were as developed.
  7. I was just accessing The website keeps crashing the IE browser program all the time! That normally doesn't happen when I access or I thought Indians were supposed to be pretty good in the area of software/programming by now?
  8. ...prospects of global indexes can be looked here...
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    Could you please explain what "cfds" and "DA" mean? If too cumbersome to explain, could you post a link that does so.

    Thank you!!
  10. Now that IB has the chance to further eliminate its would be an interesting project to make trading a seamless endeavor...regarding all foreign stocks....

    Making the case for the ease of pursuing the best opportunities in stocks...
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