Global shortage of Hard Drives fueled by new cryptocurrencies [VPS almost SOLD OUT]

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  1. If you haven't heard by now, there's a global shortage of NVMe SSD hard drives. Google "ssd shortage" to read more about it, but the impact is that enterprise storage is becoming a lot more expensive.

    Instead of bitcoin, which uses specialized CPU, or Ethereum using graphics cards, this new wave of "proof of space" coins use NVMe SSD for mining. Demand for NVMe SSD through China has left suppliers completely sold out.

    What is NVMe SSD?
    A brief history, decades ago everyone used spinning hard drives. About 10 years ago, most people switched over to solid state drives. Within the solid state drive category, there are different levels of drives. NVMe SSD are the enterprise storage format for high performance computing operations.

    Why does this matter to me?
    SSDs using NVMe can be used in high-performance computing applications such as high-frequency trading, where the low latency of the technology is critical. Cutting down the time a processor waits to read data from storage results in faster calculations.

    How does this impact my trading servers?
    All of our Chicago VPS use NVMe SSD, coupled with AMD Ryzen CPUs. Our hardware configuration has enabled traders to trade over remote desktop without the slowness feeling of typical Intel Xeon setups. Currently we are almost sold out of all VPS availability, and due to the shortage, unfortunately do not have an ETA as we are working on securing additional hardware.

    What purpose does a VPS have in trading?
    1. Located in Chicago- allowing for faster fills in automated trading
    2. Redundant network- never lose internet connection
    3. Always On- run your trading software 24/7
    4. Mobile Trading- connect to the VPS with Android, iPhone, Tablets, etc. for trading away from home computer. Here's an example
  2. Western Union hard drives handle overclocking better than Maxtor ones.
  3. I know there is a lot of discussion of cryptocurrencies on these boards, so thought an update on Chia Coin would be interesting to many here.

    Chia Coin is here to stay, and the global shortage of SSD in sales channels is very real.

    Background on the company:
    Chia Coin impact on hard drives:
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