Global ruling class: billionaires and how they "make it".

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  2. "Forbes magazine puts out a yearly list of the richest individuals and families in the world. What is most amusing about the famous Forbes magazine's background biographical notes on the Russian oligarchs is the constant reference to their source of wealth as "self-made," as if stealing ..."

    haha, that's what they always say; "self-made". as if they are teaching people a lesson; that they too by working hard and being smart can become a billionaire.
  3. Remionds me of the "Top 5 under 25" article. Once of the qualifiers was that to be in the top 5 you had to be self-made.

    The following names were on that list.

    Don Trump Jr.
    Prince of Saudi Arabia
    Athina Onassis

    Yeah, I can think of a few other "self-made" millionaires under 25. I think the only one on the list who was self made was the "girls gone wild" guy.
  4. He's not under 25, but I like Eric Bolling . Other than Santelli I don't listen to any opinions on tv.