Global Reality: Surplus Of Labor, Scarcity Of Paid Work

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    Labor surplus is a myth.

    There's a shortage of capital-friendly nations that serve as the petree dish for wealth creation.

    Unfortunately, most humans live in countries that don't reward savings, investment, or entrepreneurship. The end result are nations that only appear poor, and have a massive overhang of idle labor.
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    This is the basis for the Malthusian "over population" argument. The global economy can't support 7 billion people > mass poverty and starvation results. It's a complete lie and touted by morons who are totally ignorant to basic economics and the science of wealth creation (yet, most "classical" economists are, sadly). The problem with wealth creation - the Government plays a critical role in its genesis. Mainly, the protection of private property. If Governments don't protect private wealth, people don't get off their asses and produce (ie create a viable economy). Now look around, and count how many countries on the face of the earth are run by autocrats, despots, communists, socialists, and other fucking parasites who make wealth confiscation a cornerstone of their policy, and run extremely corrupt judiciaries. 90%+. That's why America and Europe are #1 and the rest are wallowing in their own shit. That doesn't mean the third world is destined to live in its own shit, but they have to vigilantly institute the rule of law, private property rights, contracts, deregulate, run a stable currency, and let people keep what they earn. Add some free education, and that's it. Within 10 years, most of the third-world could be brought up to 2nd world standards. The reason its not done? Money and power. The turds who rule like it that way. Free market economies necessitate power sharing and the rule of law. Despots don't like that. They prefer the rule of men. Hence, the cycle of poverty. It goes deeper than that. The West actively supports third world autocrats, and has for decades. The reasons are multi-faceted, but one is economic warfare. Kill the seed before it grows. Prop up a despot who confiscates wealth, and hey, you won't have to worry about Nigeria, Liberia or Angola challenging western hegemony for the next 10 or 20 years. Then execute the old one and put in a new one. It's not about being the best, economically. It's about being the best *and* cutting your enemies off at the legs. That's how you "win". At least, that's how the sadistic parasites at the CIA have run our foreign policy for the past 50-60 years.
  4. I'm advocating a worldwide suppression of psychopaths. They are uniquely qualified to get to the top in a situation lacking rule of law [or inside a corporation for that matter]. We have the means to identify them very early in their lives and if a cure could be found that would be good but so far, we've got nothing. They should not be given the same treatment under the law as mentally healthy people, should not be allowed to run for office or be promoted in any organization.
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    You hit the nail on the head. Most Governments (and their upper echelons), and large corps, are run in whole or part, by psychopaths. What to do about them is the problem? Kill them? Ferret them out and lock them up? I don't know. But you're 1000% percent right. They pull the strings. It's a fascinating discussion with interesting theological implications. Why would God create psychopaths? Add some drama to it all? What's the purpose?
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    Nice post pimp!

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    But interesting; no easy solutions.

    Homogenous altruistic high-values societal people--that is where I hang in the U.S. {on Lake Michigan in spring/summer/fall & within 2 blocks of the ocean in Pt. Loma/Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA for winters}.

    Everybody is a fuck and it takes courage to put these despicable despots in their place, eh?


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