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    if you can do better than only screaming and can trade profitable , Darwinex will invest money in you

    We invest our own money in DARWINs
    We assign up to € 7.5M notional to 120 DARWINs every month. We maintain the allocation during 6 consecutive months.”

    “Darwinex = The Hedge Fund of the Future.”
  4. You are a shill apparently. I don't need funding. I have over 7.8 mil usd sitting on the sidelines. But I always welcome investment ideas (aside cryptos). Send them my way if you have any.

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    shill for Darwinex AND Globalprime ?:rolleyes:

    7.8 cents ? I suggest penny stocks , I will have a look around. :D
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    If you qualify as pro , you can also get 200:1 with LMAX , an EXCHANGE , also using Metatrader

    another bucketshop:banghead:

    Now I am a shill for Global, Darwinex and LMAX ;)
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    if you have more than 7.8 cents , have a look at what Darwinex has on offer
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    Saxio also offers pro leverage for forex , only MT5

    sponsor on this forum ..another bucketshop :cool:
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