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  1. Have you ever heard about this company. Their commissions are very good and the split seems ok but I found no info on this company on elite trader or anywhere else. If you have info please let me know...

  2. ScottSam


    Search "global market trading" kijiji
    in Google and you will find ... nothing.

    On what are you basing that comment ?

    I think Global makes it clear that it wants experienced traders, and placing job ads would be the last way to do such a thing.
  3. Thanks scott. Apparently they are not just hiring but also act as a prop firm with deposit and I have this info from the boss of the firm who answered my mail.
  4. I'm sorry - there's a whole bunch in Quebec right now -

    The location in another ad had looked familiar. The other ones I saw were actually WTS (actually not in Quebec at all) and Title ( a firm we've all heard of )
  5. ScottSam


    Actually that is what I meant, but I misused the word "hire".

    I will correct myself.
  6. ScottSam


    Isn't there ?

    It's like Quebec is becoming a micro-capital of prop firms ;p
  7. Thanks Psy and thanks Scott... The only thing is that there is no news on the net or on the elitetrader forums and I don't want to put my money in a firm that is unknown...
  8. Because they have no securities law ( or very lax ones..)??

  9. Yes there is probably an edge on a taxation standpoint
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