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  1. Anyone heard of them?

    (email they sent me)

    Payout Structure

    Our offer is 65%, which can evolve over time depending on results/consistency.

    All Fees

    Monthly fees for trading platform, market quotes and market entitlements = 200.

    Commissions are a flat 0.20/1000 shares.

    There are no other fees, except of course the regular trading fees that apply to everyone (SEC Fee, NASD Fee, etc.)

    ECNs are 100% pass-through.

    There might be banking fees charged by your bank or our bank for wires, depending on which way
    we go for deposit and payouts.


    Minimum deposit is 2000 USD.

    For example, with 5000 USD, we can accomodate a daily stop loss of 400-500, and a buying power of 300k.
    These figures can be updated depending on your specific needs and experience.

    Our trading platform is Sterling Trader Pro (

    We do not require a Series 7 license since we are a Canadian firm.
  2. i am looking into them too.

    i would like the offer if

    -the $200 software fee can be waived if we do a certain volume

    -payout = 70%+
  3. My company UMT (universal market trading) can offer the same deal but:

    -75% payout. they payout can eveolve to 100% if you are consistent of course
    we are not in it for the money
    -Your stopout will be your deposit
    -no limits on shares
    -unlimited buying power. with 2k deposit you can get 1 millnion or 2 million and particiapte in strategies that realy work.
    -custom trading tools
    - also we are non- Jewish owned (i am mentioning it just because someone on ET asked for it before so it might be a selling point)

    -no noobs min 3k a month earnings

    -your strategy must be easily copyable so my Chinese traders that that I pay 200 usd /a month (they assure me is very very much sir) can do it too

    - if i can't copy it then it must a be a strategy on liquid stock so my computer can front run it.

    Please PM if you are interested.
  4. what is the software and can its software fee ($200?) be waived if i do X volumn a month?
  5. Of couse, if you make 3k Gross per month will wave the software fee.
  6. ROFL

    Where are you trading Mike ?

  7. I think 70% is achievable if you have some trading experience.
  8. Commissions are just 20 cents on 1000? Is that right? I heard Sterling was a slower execution platform, but still.

    BTW, few firms require a Series 7 anymore. As long as they are not registered as broker-dealers, then their traders not need a Series 7.