Global Macro Trading on a daytoday/weektoweek basis

Discussion in 'Trading' started by etfarb, Mar 25, 2013.

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    Sup ya'll

    I'm extremely interested in global macro trading. I'm trying to develop a model both quantitiavely (i.e. my system) and qualitiatively (my research) to take positions on a day to day or week to week basis.

    I started trading with etf indexing and index arb which has provided me with the framework for where things lye in an objective manner rather than wishy washy technical analysis crap.

    The more i trade though the more i realize that what happens in asia will take a toll on the american trading session. I currently trade prop and we take our positions on a day to day basis, but the more you trade each and every day you'll realize theres more than what meets the eye of this whole interconnected web.

    So I wanted to open up a discuission specifically to methods in developing a global macro trading strategy both quantiatively and qualitatively