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Discussion in 'Journals' started by Daal, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. Shagi


    As of today I'm long EUR v. JPY and looking for an upside break out of month long trading range. However I do concede that the monthly trend favours a downwards move, but then there is no certainity. Hope I haven't taken over your thread.
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  2. I think you should take a look at AUDNZD, Daal...
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  3. Daal


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  4. Daal


    AUD strong, any reason you brought that up?
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  5. Kiwi is at 20 year low vs the AUD. Earthquake hasn't helped things. Rate cuts coming soon.

    Trichet hawkish so far at his presser. Euro hitting new highs for its move this year.
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  6. Stocks melting up in Europe and futures in the US as well.

    Rates scraping 0 are completely incompatible with smartly growing economies. It's absolutely mind-boggling that the US, EU, UK, Canada, Oz and other developed countries are not hiking hand over fist in the face of gathering inflation, strong growth, and bubbling asset prices. They've done it again - another easy money fueled boom/bust cycle.
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  7. Daal


    Well, Fed futures are finally coming back to earth, dropping quite a bit. Now I just have to make a good guess where they will stop so I can load the truck again
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  8. ECB hike coming in April. The only ? is whether 25 or 50 bp. Congrats to the ECB for being the 1st western bank to take steps to stop this insanity.

    Marches to start on DC soon if Ben doesn't get w/the program. The only thing that will save a long FF futures position will be if MENA blows even higher.
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  9. Daal


    hey Martin, what are the spreads from the pigs doing right now?Looks like the ECB is on a mission to destroy the union
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  10. Daal


    I'm betting its the opposite, if MENA blows up iexpectations and inflation will rise and force the fed to tighten to contain it
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