Global Insolvency

Discussion in 'Economics' started by bearice, Feb 4, 2010.

  1. m22au


    Zero Hedge has been providing great coverage of the ongoing drama with the PIIGS / STUPID countries.

    It just seems like a case of which country defaults / hyperinflates / receives bailout first.

    My guess is:

  2. S2007S


    Sovereign debt issues with greece and the rest of those countries are pushing the dollar up significantly today, commodities are falling apart.

    This is going to get VERY interesting.
  3. wouter


    The whole globe is not going to go insolvent. I'd make an agrument that it too must be zero sum game. You would think that at least. However, when valuations come down the sum total of all investments is dropping, so that mean everybody loses. That's why I do not belive at all in zero sum. Even in trading futures. Sure someone is one the other side of your trade and if we were all day traders then we could say that the sum of all day trades is a zero sum game once adjusted for the overall valuation from opening to closing. Otherwise it is not a zero sum situation. The valuation of assets is skewed every day up or down and there is nobody on the other side of that.
  4. Use debt to GNP not debt to GDP if you want realistic numbers
  5. USA-------------------300

    Only country on the list that owes interest money to a secret cabal of foreign shareholders of the Fed banks.

    The rest print extra money to pay interest payments to the citizens.

    The neocons will start a larger war effort soon. They've squeezed dry the taxpayers savings, now it's time to squeeze the life out of the tax payer.