Global Inflation

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    Your chart says inflation rate for most of Western Europe and Japan is not available? :confused:
  3. What year are these figures from???
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    hi l2tradr

    the chart says not notable (available but small)
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    related article is 1 day old
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    I'm not sure that's the case. Most of Africa and a good part of Latin America has low inflation (i.e. less than 1-2%)?
  7. Would you mind posting the link to the related article?
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    all the high inflation spots,mid east and parts of africa where money is being pumped during this oil land grab
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    It looks like all the countries that have high inflation aren't in good standing relations with the U.S. And if that is the case, a lot of other countries don't want to trade with them. So if they want a product they obviously would have to pay more for a third party supplier to sell them the goods. Another thing is these countries lack manufacturing capability (for civilians).
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