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  1. The Illuminati core has been operating for thousands of years. I do not know their original name, but it goes back to Neanderthal and caveman. The core group is about power and control for sexual purposes. In effect, the entire planet is organized around breeding sex slaves (children or young women). At first one might rebel against this understanding thinking it too simple, however it is the unfortunate fact. Power and money are only means to an end. The end is pure sexual gratification via programmed sex slavery. To that end, raping of infants out of the womb has been of paramount importance. That rape might be literal or might be a break of trust that creates hidden trauma for predictable behavior. Monarch was an attempt at controlling populations which did not undergo that infant rape on a mass scale.

    I come from a part of the core Illuminati. Nearly all Illuminati core members were raped out of the womb in some way. My Illuminati handlers were programmed by the initial trauma of servicing their mothers' clitoris while the umbilical cord was still attached. That was found to be one of the most difficult traumas to heal and perpetuated beliefs that created predictable behaviors. Doctors and the caduceus are important part of perpetuating this practice. (This is what it is called "the practice").

    Breeding children for sex has been the central dominant goal of the core Illuminati. That must be understood and accepted to fully understand the highest levels of the hierarchy. I have been in contact with some bred for cannibalism (eating pussy literally) and exposed to the strongest levels of electromagnetic mind control ever attempted. Prior to my exposure to their mind control equipment, 7 days was the longest anyone survived. I survived over 2 years and spent that time communicating with my torturers and handlers. Basically talking myself out of prison by healing their traumas.

    The above sounds disjointed only because I don't know where to begin to describe my life or the past few years.

    Language-based. Metaphors. Monarch was as much about experimenting with new mind-control techniques as locating doctors, psychiatrists, and other professionals with psychopathic tendencies. Those people were selected for higher more powerful positions.

    Adoption and switching parents at birth are two primary traumas. Frequently unrecognized and the level of trauma underestimated. Non-genetic parents are more likely to use the child as a sexual servant.

    Traumatized women frequently view their children as sex servants as a form of payback for the change in life from the pregnancy. They resent the child and use it.

    Mothers are frequently selected for beauty (and gullibility). Different countries and cultures were in competition for breeding the best sex slaves (however one might define that). For example, the going rate for a submissive yet fiesty South American sex slave was $1 billion. That is the business of some working within government and military. Women were hung from hooks and disembowled as the screamed obscenities in the goal of finding a way to force them to respond to sexual commands.

    Important to understand: very little analysis of cause is employed by the Illuminati. All is result. Try anything and everything and see what sticks without care for how or why it worked. Finding psychopathic people through Monarch (and various other filtering organizations) was critical to ensure non-care. "Cremation of Care" ritual at Bohemian Grove comes to mind. Understand the multiple meanings.

    Marilyn Monroe was adopted and Monarch programmed. Adoptees are people-pleasers. Always looking for love and never finding the unconditional love experienced in the womb. She committed suicide as she saw her beauty fading and her worth zero.

    John Lennon and Catcher in the Rye comes to mind. Monarch programmed assassination. John Lennon and the Beatles were not the original musicians. They were stage performers with the true musician neurologically connected via ELF wave machinery. Lennon was considering coming forth with that fact.

    EEG wave analysis has progressed far beyond simple psychological tendency reading. Coupled with a computer and knowledge of an individual's words and behavioral history, EEG waves are unique when thinking certain thoughts or words and the mind can be read. This is largely unique to the individual and historical data is necessary, but direct mind-reading is possible using high-powered EEG wave machines (might be called ELF). Words and thoughts can also be written to the brain by influencing the brain to the EEG waves specified. Substances are passed by the blood-brain barrier which respond to electromagnetic frequencies and increase the effect. Some people "hear" voices through this process. This is not ear drum vibration, it is skull vibration. The controller delivers simple speech which most people can not consciously hear but will respond as they believe it is their own thoughts. Often this is misdiagnosied (intentionally) as schizophrenia. The EEG wave reading and writing is an extension on accidental discoveries in the 1920s and 1930s of modifying human behavior through amplified radio frequencies. In the 1950s this was honed to a good deal of control and was implemented as part of the Interstate Highway system. It has been around longer than that in some form and frequently used to impersonate Gods.

    Much of the above is used to sexualize women. Feed them the substances to get into their amygdala and hippocampus. Zap them with certain frequencies and nearly any emotion can be induced. The women think they are having a natural experience which is part of the "product" of the Illuminati and US govt. Selling sex slaves to other populations. I call this a Frankenstein Cocktail. Largely driven by doctor communities, vaccinations, and imbibed through soda products (among others). H1N1 vaccine is phonetically "Hi in one", a golfing reference for instant sex. This is an example of the Illuminati language games they see as magic.
  2. Very important to understand. You are on the outside looking in and the organizations you see are the front groups. Some research is done there, but mostly those organizations are filtering systems to locate the "right" sort of people. I am on the inside looking out and at the very highest levels. I think with our combined knowledge we can both find some answers.

    Also not part of your book and important: the bloodlines are strictly controlled. Mates are arranged. This is pervasive and not limited to the "13 families". Genetic tendencies by family line combined with specific trauma designed for that family. All the way down to naming the children to maintain the behavioral pattern from generation to generation.

    Your focus has been at the governmental level as they have attempted to extend and develop techniques that were developed over thousands of years by the Illuminati families. My experience is at the center of those families long before the US or England governmental systems existed. I also have inadvertent experience on the governmental level and was essentially a government lab rat and run through nearly every from of survival training imaginable. The government captured the Illuminati circle "holy grail" during WWII. I was part of that capture (my father actually). The government did not know how it worked, but maintained the structure to perpetuate the "practice". That was what WWII was all about. Finding the "holy grail" which was understood to be a "pussy magnet" where women threw themselves at the men (and women) who owned or controlled the grail. That grail was a group of families of thousands with scripted lives and predictable behaviors based on infant and childhood trauma. This is also how Aztec sacrifices were arranged and how Quetzcoatl was predicted. It is a repeating pattern going back thousands of years.

    The correct way to see the world from the highest levels is to understand it is a sex servant factory. Different factories (countries) compete using genetics and trauma-based mind control. These traumas are various recipes that create penis-sucking sex slaves.

    For example, some recipes for creating world-market sex slaves:

    China: After the child is born, the umbilical cord is cut to create a trauma, the mother begins to suck the father's penis and then places it into the child's mouth for food. Then, nothing is done to the child for 6-8 years. The mother again guides the child into the father's penis, preferably after curiousity and initiated by her. She will continue to service father for the rest of her life.

    Vietnam: same as China except daughter is forced to fellate at 4 years old.

    Thailand: same as China except done at 4 years and also the father is a non-genetic caregiver. Very rarely are true fathers known as switching father is another trauma and non-genetic fathers are more likely to be open to sexual activity with the daughter.

    South America: Similar rape occurs with priest performing the rape.

    US: Similar rape of the infant, however the doctor performs the rape. This breaks trust with mother and father and becomes obedience to an authority figure (the doctor). The US also adds a Frankenstein cocktail of vaccinations, food additives (eg. flouride), and electromagnetic waves to manipulate emotions with a high degree of control.

    These are examples of a "practice" that dates back into antiquity pre-Babylon. The Caduceus is two snakes on a pole with wings above. That is literally two women on the man's penis with him flying high. Medicine phonetically is "me dick in ecstasy". Not all doctors of course. Medical school is brainwashing with 24 hour residency shifts used to weaken the brightest. Only a few are allowed into the inner circle where the test for admission is raping an infant out the womb.

    The core Illuminati service mother's clitoris right out of the womb. That is the first of the traumas that create behaviors that perpetuate the Illuminati core group. Namely: belief they are immortal, that other humans are here for their sexual pleasure and slavery, and they are here to usher in Satan's world.

    The belief they are immortal is critical for perpetuating this "practice" and explains why the Illuminati works on 100 year plans. They are not immortal.
  3. You have very typical signs of schizophrenia. I hope you seek treatment.
  4. What's the difference between schizophrenic and psychic?
  5. A psychic sees the other world in some or many ways.

    A schizophrenic is fucked up.

    Fucked up = YOU.

    If you have any level of reason, you get help NOW!!!!
  6. lol, I love reading this kind of stuff...:D
  7. You are emotionally uncomfortable with the subject matter. I am sorry for that, but it's not my fault. Stop attacking me. If it makes you uncomfortable, simply don't read it.
  8. I think I saw this on an episode of Dexter.
  9. Firewalker poster, before you are thinking Paris Hilton have your cell phone. Why you are thinking that before? Talk to your family for help.
  10. That was a joke. I was being facetious in an attempt to get her attention. I needed her help.

    I have almost no family. All relatives have been systematically killed. Other than my estranged mother and grandfather, I *think* Paris Hilton is my 3rd cousin and one of my closest living relatives. Not sure about that, but that is the best information I have.

    I saw her once at Hard Rock hotel in Vegas. Didn't meet, but the place was deserted. She was playing blackjack with a small entourage. I walked past with my adoptive brother and his girlfriend. She is prettier in person. I was a bit worried about 1 or 2 of her entourage. One seemed ok though.
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