Global Goods and Shipping up.

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  1. As I have been speaking with clients in Cypress, I hear more and more positive things, considering the crash of 08 and the huge slow down in International Trade.

    The Fedx numbers do not surprise me. They are more of a indication of "bulk" shipping or "Consolidated" shipping. Put they show that the world is shipping goods in general.

    Across the board, International Trade is up, from the lows of the last two years. I do believe that the World is coming out of the recession, based on my contacts globally. However, the US is not.

    Even with Fedx reporting decent numbers...the Political Damage done by the Politicans, mainly DEMS or the last 4 years will damp'n our recovery.

    Unemployment will sea saw between 9.6 and 10%. We will export more jobs to the World but Export less goods. China is looking to take a stake in our Steel Industry and is making the moves.

    70% of our GDP is consumption by consumers not PRODUCTION.

    Until we wash out WALLSTREET, wash out DC, we will continue on an slow path to hell while the rest of the world bright'ns up and recovers.
  2. Of course trade is up from the lows. But are the numbers really that good? If I own a business where I sell 10 widgets per month, then recession hits and I only sell one, thats 90% decrease. But if the next year I start selling 2 per month, thats a 100% increase, but I'm still 80% off my highs. So how close are we to getting back to where we were during the high years? Thats where we need to be. We need numbers to be higher than in the best years, not higher than the numbers in the worst years as that doesnt tell us anything.

    Yes 70% of our GDP is consumption, but most western countries are 70%+ consumption economies. Japan is 76% consumption, sweden is 71% Most of Europe is over 70%. But you want to know the kicker? Hong Kong is 91.9% consumption and they are going great for themselves. The more you consume it seems, the richer you get. China is about 42.6% consumption also and look how poor they are.

  3. old news bro, time to get some more 'timely' contacts