Global Fx Remote Group, LLC

Discussion in 'Forex' started by mrmoose, Jan 6, 2004.

  1. mrmoose


    anyone heard of these guys? they seem to be a prop Fx frim that trains traders.
  2. PAL5700


    have you heard anything.. i applied there too, and they keep calling but wanted some info first.. thanks
  3. virgin


    What is the website of this guys ?
  4. PAL5700

    PAL5700 me know what you think
  5. Why would anyone go prop? You can get all the leverage you ever want. If initial capital is a problem, then you can trade at OANDA where you can trade any size from one unit to 10,000,000 units per ticket, unlike most other market makers that have standard lots of 100,000 or mini lots of 10,000 units. They want a desk fee if you trade at their office?? As an introducing broker, they already get a kickback from the market maker for every trade you make. Personally I won't waste my time with them.