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  1. hughb


    What is the minimum deposit for margin to open an account with them to trade the e-mini? If I am reading this page correctly, it appears to be only $300. Is that correct?

    Also, what are the trading hours for the e mini at the CME? I can only find the after hours times on their website.
  2. Did you read the fine print? In order to qualify for the $300 margin you agree to pay $4.98 per side !! Way too much!! Typically one pays around $2.00 per side for intraday margin rate of $400-$500 for trading the ES

    Read where it says "offer details"

    Only a sucker would agree to a deal like that.... no pun intended.
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    Thanks southbeach. I intend to put up somewhere between 3 - 5K of margin, do you see anything on that site that lists the commissions for that? All I can find is that they require you to ask for a quote.