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  1. Any problems with hidden fees? I'm currently filling out the RCG application.

    Thanks for any input
  2. Loved their customer service, but their platform for trading globex emini 500 Futures options was prehistoric. It just couldn't be done. Otherwise I was pleased.
  3. honestly, Global Futures is great!...been with them since 2006 and also clear through RCG. I trade using their Global Strategy Trader platform and love it (I do pay $50 per month to use the platform-I do not mind it either). They have great very quick customer service and always very, no hidden fees that I have seen...great commissions.
  4. They're very good at what they do. The charting pkg is ok, but the Trading Platform/ DOM Ladder is very good, fast fills, and excellent customer service. You can also trade directly on the charts!
    Call Eileen Rodriguez at 877-367-3177, or email her at
  5. agreed!
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    Global charges a $25 per contract margin violation fee, and $50 per contract if they have to liquidate a position. I hope they disclosed that to you
  7. I did notice the fees for margin violation and liquidation in the fine print. I also noticed a $15 monthly fee if the account balance drops below $1000.

    So far I've been trying out demo versions of Turbo Trader 2 and GS Trader. I like the idea of entering orders on the ABV. It may turn out to be slow, but I doubt it will be as slow as using my current broker's java streaming (click, wait, wait, wait some more).

    Anyone out there willing to clear up the difference between a DOM and an ABV?

    I trade only a few contracts, usually one, usually NQ or ES. At my current broker, I'm using $875 for NQ and $1400 for ES, so the $300 margins will allow me a bigger bullet for the same powder. (Just hoping not to shoot off my big toe.)

    So far, they seem aggressive to seek out my business (that translates to me as a company that is serious about doing things right). Emails have been returned very fast, and phone discussions have been informative.

    Still need to clear up a question. I could have sworn the broker told me on the phone that the $300 margins apply to after hours (positions opened before 8:30 and after 3:30 Central), but in the fine print I think it says that exchange minimums apply for those times. It may be a question of when the contract is opened or it it's held through 3:15 or not.

    Thanks for responding.
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    Does anybody use the Turbo Trader 2 platform? Is it as fast as Ninja Trader with zen-fire? I know Global only uses the pat system feed for ninja trader and that feed sucks. Turbo Trader 2 uses RCG's data feed (I think they told me onyx). But does anybody have any live experience with Turbo Trader 2 ... down time, does it fill fast, any lagging problems ?? Thanx, tallpaw
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    I think pats system is required for $300 margins. So far the real time demo of turbo trader 2 is pretty fast (but that should be taken with a grain of salt). It may bog down in real trades. dunno.

    re: myself :D

    I found this answer on

    ASK-BID-VOLUME (ABV): The ABV window is a dynamic DOM that provides depth of market and single click order entry with drag and drop order modifications. The ABV window provides valuable hot keys, such as "Flatten", "Buy and Sell Market" and "Cancel all bids and offers." "Open P&L", net position, and working orders are visible directly on the ABV window. The ABV window also provides access to bracketing OCO capabilities with trailing stop and breakeven position management functions. A unique feature of Turbo Trader’s ABV is the "Thermometer:" this allows you to view the market movement in ticks from the time you have logged in. The screenshot below displays the thermometer feature in red blocks on the ask side.

  10. I know they don't charge the $15 anymore, I have an account there below that amount that doesn't get charged that.

    If you trade responsibly, you won't incur those liquidation and margin charges.
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