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    I would like to know your opinion about this broker, their margins are interesting and I appreciate j- trader but I would like to know more about the quality of their customer service, their phone order desk etc..
    Thank you in advance for your answer !

    p.s : Excuse me for my poor english!
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  3. A broker thta only requires 500$ margin to trade one ES, that makes me scary (ça me fout la trouille).
  4. 1 contract to 49 contracts require $500 day margin for E mini SP & E mini NQ.
    50+ contracts require $1000 day margin (ES & NQ)
    100+ contracts require additional margin (ES & NQ)

    That's interesting! The inexperienced traders need less margin than the experienced ones!
  5. I have heard very good things about their Customer Service!

    I run a firm that competes with them and I am a little leery of the Margin limits, but I have heard nothing but good things about their customer service.


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    Are futures performance bond requirements not set by the SEC/CFTC/exchanges, as is the case with equities and options? It seems that different firms have different requirements. Are the exchange-specified amounts just supposed to be guidelines?
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    I'm bored, so pardon me for answering this. The peformance bonds are set by the exchanges and must be honored by all brokers. However, they are overnight requirements only. During liquid market hours there is not an exchage requirement.
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    Thank you every one for your answers, I e mailed global futures and they told me they have a 24/24 hour desk order, it is very important when you trade from an european country.
    They also propose to trade your system for you, I will keep on collecting info before choosing a broker.

    See ya later!
  9. hello carlito,

    they don't have 24hr so keep that in mind when you are trading from europe. Make good agreements on your fees and catch out of being overcharged.