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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by marketsurfer, Dec 20, 2002.

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  1. m_c_a98


    Darn, a price war between brokers is exactly what I want. The lower the better. I don't think IB's are worth the commissions they charge. They are just a customer service intermediary between the FCM and I found that they are rarely needed for anything other than to collect their commissions.
    #21     Dec 21, 2002
  2. If there weren't IBs. What do you think Refco, Mann or the others would be charging you as an individual???

    IBs get a lower rate from the Clearers based on total volume and then they can offer the rates that you see now. It is obvious that you don't know the business very well. If you went directly to an FCM you would get raped!

    If there weren't IB you would be paying $20 a round trip.

    Good luck and Have a Great Holiday!
    #22     Dec 21, 2002
  3. m_c_a98


    Go peddle your firm elsewhere.

    I probably don't know the business very well, but all I'm saying is that these commissions in general are to high for the service I feel I'm getting. Just my opinion(everyone has one). :p
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  4. IB has the lowest commissions, and probably one of the best platforms in terms of execution speed, and the level of customization. Maybe their support is not great...but for what they charge does that even matter? Not trying to be rude...just wondering why it is that you have such and opinion about IB.
    #24     Dec 21, 2002
  5. m_c_a98


    I like Interactive Brokers. I'm referring to IB's (introducing brokers), not the firm Interactive Brokers.
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  6. Thanks for the clarification...
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  7. Read what I wrote:

    Your fees would be even higher if Global Futures, Interactive Brokers, FFasttRade and others were not around. In addition you would get shit service.

    Go peddle your lack of understanding somewhere else and get a clue. I think that fact that I am supporting other IBs , shows that I am trying to pass somehting worthwhile along. You are just pissed at soemone!

    #27     Dec 21, 2002
  8. m_c_a98


    I'm not pissed at anyone; I'm just playing around here, getting you riled up. I fully understand how these brokers operate and I could give a s&*t about your firm or the others. thanks for the banter, it was fun.

    Also, you've got to pay to plug here on this forum. Money talks here Bub!
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  9. Have a nice Holiday Bub!
    #29     Dec 21, 2002
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