Global Futures/ Strategy Runner combo

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by OMG69, Mar 4, 2006.

  1. OMG69


    Can anyone comment on Global Futures/ Startegy Runner combination?

    I would be interested in your opinions.
  2. Chetelm


    I used both Global Futures and Strategy Runner for about 4 months. When ever I called Global Futures I got a quick response. I have no complaints. Strategy Runner is a decent platform, but not if you are trying to scalp the market.

    I am currently doing a demo with Dorman Direct platform and Transact and their market orders go throught almost as soon as I click my mouse. Strategy Runner was a little slower. Of course it only matters it the market is moving quickly.
  3. hey how much per r/t is dorman for the emini? who do they clear threw? what software do you use with them? thanks
  4. Chetelm


    Dorman is about $7 a round turn, not sure who they clear with.

    Am going to go with TransAct Software with Brewer Futures.
    TransAct does their own clearing. round turn commissions are $4.50 for the e mini.
  5. why not go directly with transact. there commissions are $3.42 R/T FOR THNE EMINI for 367 contracts. but rerad tons of notes on here. transact had major data feed problems for months
  6. Chetelm


    You are ahead of me, I did not know I could go directly with them, have you already checked it out?