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    What is the best per R/T rate you guys got from Global? Im paying over $5 and want to negotiate something lower, I trade around 200-500 RTs a month
  2. why trade with global ????
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    Look into Mirus or AMP with zenfire feed and NT live license for basic trading and chartt trading (no OCO, Trailing stop or ATM strategies.) They'll charge around 4.40/RT and $500 min margin per contract.

    Or look into Velocity for basic TT X-Trader setup. They have a transactional model for TT (no platform fees) and charge 5.73/RT.

    There are others out there also and the above can be negotiated with.

    What platform are you using with Global for them to charge so much?
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    I know about amp and velocity, but I have no problems with global really, im using strategy runner.. don't really want to switch firms right now, just wondering how low these guys will go on commissions
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    You're right. Our rates are somewhat negotiable, but also depend on which platform you're using, account size, volume. You should call your broker (I mean the specific person who handles your account) and see what they can do for you.

    Thanks for you business.

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  6. Global futures es una compagnia de mierda

    a bunch of thieves
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    I have no idea why you would say that, but I'm willing to listen to your reasons for saying so. Feel free to PM me or you can post it here if you like. Also feel free to call me and I'll do what I can to change your opinion. Please give me specific facts that I may address.
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    Why does ur strategy runner/gstrader platform show real time equity?

    one has to reply on 10-15 min outdated rcginquiry for viewing realtime equity/balance
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    That is a good question. I wish that Strategy Runner and some of the other platforms had the ability to show you real time equity as you're trading. As of right now, X_Trader is the only platform that we offer that does show your real time equity.

    I would have to refer you to one of our technicians for a detailed explanation, but the short answer that I can give you is that it's just a limitation of the software at this point in time. Strategy Runner will keep track of your Gross P n L, but not your total equity. That is the same case with both of the clearing firms we offer that software through. I hope in the futures that's something they can implement.
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    Alaron(another broker) offers Strategy Runner with live/real time equity. How are they providing it if its a limitation of the software?
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