Global futures new website

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by tradecrumbs, May 24, 2006.

  1. Global futures broker needs to get rid of that talking video on their new website. When people log into the website to get their daily pivot and reports and other information, then that talking video of that girl starts talking with loud music and it is very distracting. It messes up peoples concentration.

    That talking video gives me the impression that Global futures does not care about their current customer base and keeping them happy. Global futures only want's to get as many new customers with that talking video.

    I spoke to Golbal futures about taking the video off the website and they don't seem to care about their current customers. I also emailed a request to have it taken off the website. It is very distracting and loud and I don't want to listen to it every day when I have to log into Global futures. A current customer does not want to hear how they can become a customer. They should make that a button that people click if they are intersted in wanting to be a customer. Not force people to listen to it even if they are already customers.

    I am going to quit Global futures because they won't take that distracting loud horrible talking video off their website. It is bad web design. A website should not have sound on it. Especially a financial website that has a log in feature that regular customers visit daily.